directors playground

10 directors, 1 location, 1 dop,  2 days, a two hour time slot to shoot, a constant supply of candy.

thus was born the director’s playground.

the brief was to take and use what we had at our disposal, and answer one question - what is candy for you?

we called up a casting agency who provided us with a random selection of actors and actresses from every age group.
with a limited amount of props and set decoration,
each director was tasked with deciding which part of each location was best for their film.

picking and choosing what they would need from what little resources they had, the directors began writing. our intention was to show how one place can be portrayed differently from a variety of creative perspectives, and with different script ideas and genres.


we brought in a powerful team who were willing to help. three weeks of preparation and more than 70 calls later, we started this crazy venture.all this, of course, under strict corona conditions. while the project is multilayered and complex, you’ll find several coherent overlaps.


this is cndy!

choose your favourite cndy!